Spatenstich für das Arosa Bärenland
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The history of the arosa bear sanctuary

From the idea in 2010 to now

Landscape Arosa

July 2010

Tourism Director Pascal Jenny begins looking for new and appealing projects more than eight years ago and comes upon the bears idea.

Autumn 2010

Arosa receives a sizeable sum as a legacy, which is earmarked for the Arosa Bear Sanctuary project.


July 2011

The civic authority of Arosa opposes the provision of the “Bärabad” site for the creation of a bear park. The project group examines alternative locations.


November 2012

The animal welfare organisation FOUR PAWS contacts the Arosa Tourist Office and expresses an interest in collaborating on the Arosa Bear Park project.


2013 / 2014

Various locations and concepts are investigated, and the “perfect” location is evaluated.

landscape Arosa Bear Sanctuary

June 2015

The civic authority of Chur approves the use of the perimeter next to the intermediate station of the Weisshorn cableway for the Arosa Bear Sanctuary.

yes to the Arosa Bear Sanctuary

November 2016

The Arosa Bear Sanctuary receives a resounding yes from the population of Arosa. With 78% in favour and a very high turnout, the anticipation following a flawless information and voting campaign is palpable everywhere.

December 2016

Work in the background continues. The “Arosa Bears” Foundation is established and the planning application (enclosure, shelter and visitor installations) is drawn up.

Arosa Bear Sanctuary playground

April 2017

Further experience elements (bear playground, edutainment, bear events, etc.) are developed for the Arosa Bear Sanctuary. This is done with the aim of positioning Arosa as a “bear village”.

May 2017

The government of the canton of Grisons approves the partial revision of the local plan for the “Arosa Bear Sanctuary”.

July 2017

The lease to use and run the Arosa Bear Sanctuary is signed between the Arosa Bears Foundation and the civic authority and municipality of Chur.

Building Arosa Bear Sanctuary

August 2017

The building permit is issued as planned by the municipality of Arosa. The groundbreaking ceremony takes place for the construction of the Arosa Bear Sanctuary.

Building Arosa Bear Sanctuary

December 2017

Building work is suspended for the winter break. It is resumed in spring 2018.

Transfer Napa

July 2018

Napa, a former circus bear, is transferred from Palic in Serbia to Arosa.

Bear Napa

July 2018

Napa is released into the large outdoor enclosure after a settling-in period.

Visitor Platform Arosa Bear Sanctuary

August 2018

The Arosa Bear Sanctuary is officially opened from 3 to 5 August after more than eight years in the making.

Napa sleeping

November 2018

Napa has begun his hibernation.

The snowy Arosa Bear Sanctuary

January 2019

The outdoor enclosure has to be closed because of all the snow.

Amelia and Meimo

February 2019

Amelia and Meimo, the two restaurant bears from Albania, move into their new home in Arosa.

Napa and Meimo

July 2019

Amelia and Meimo could be socialized with Napa and from now on all three bears can use the whole enclosure together.

vet visit

August 2019

Another visit to the Arosa Bear Sanctuary by the vet. Amelia was successfully castrated and Napa was spontaneously operated on the teeth. Everything went well.

Hibernation Box

End of November/ December

The bears begin their second hibernation. This year all bears are resting in individual hibernation boxes.

Bear Napa after ending his hibernation

13 April 2020

Napa was the first to end its hibernation this year.

Bear Meimo after ending his hibernation

4 May 2020

Meimo has officially ended its hibernation. Amelia had been in the outdoor enclosure since the beginning of March, which is why the criteria could not be fully evaluated and therefore no exact end date of the hibernation could be given.

Arosa Bear Sanctuary

13 June 2020

After the pre-opening weekend on 6/7 June 2020 we officially started our third summer season.

100,000th visitor in the Arosa Bear Sanctuary

2 July 2020

Almost two years after the opening in August 2020, we welcomed the 100,000th visitor to the Arosa Bear Sanctuary.

Arosa Bear Academy

9 July 2020

The Arosa Bear Academy in cooperation with the Arosa Bear Sanctuary started summer 2020 with outdoor courses especially for children and teenagers.

Adventure path Arosa Bear Sanctuary

17 July 2020

Opening of the "floating" Adventure Path with eight viewing platforms connected by suspension bridges.


4 November 2020

Napa was diagnosed with epilepsy in June 2020. After Napa's state of health continued to deteriorate, the medication no longer had the expected effect and the quality of life of Napa was no longer satisfactory, Napa was released from its severe suffering. 

Jambolina Arosa

11 December 2020

At the beginning of December, brown bear Jambolina was freed from her old life as a circus bear in Ukraine. After a long journey, she arrived safely at the Arosa Bear Sanctuary and was allowed to start a new life. 

Meimo in der Winterruhe

January 2021

All three bears are naturally hibernating. Meimo and Amelia have prepared a den in the outdoor enclosure. Jambolina is resting in her hutch in the indoor enclosure.

Jambolina im Arosa Bärenland

29 May 2021

Bear Jambolina explores nature in the Arosa Bear Sanctuary for the first time. With this, she masters another milestone on the way to a life that corresponds to the natural needs of bears.

Jambolina bei der Vergesellschaftung

13 July 2021

After Jambolina's successful socialisation with Meimo and Amelia, the three bears will share the spacious outdoor enclosure together for the first time from 13 July 2021.

Jambolina Arosa

5 August 2021

We have to say goodbye to bear Jambolina today. Shortly before an operation in the Arosa Bear Sanctuary, the bear passed away. We are grateful for the happy months Jambolina was able to spend in Arosa and very sad that she was not granted more time.  

Meimo and Amelia in the fresh snow

19 November 2021

After enjoying the fresh snow, bears Amelia and Meimo move indoors in late autumn and begin hibernation. 

Bear in Zoo Skopje

10 February 2022

The bears Amelia and Meimo will soon have two new fellow residents. FOUR PAWS is planning the transfer of two bears from Skopje Zoo to Arosa.

Amelia and Meimo after hibernation

8 April 2022

Instinctive bear behaviour! To the delight of all visitors, Amelia and Meimo trudged across the snow-covered outdoor enclosure for the first time after their winter hibernation.

Bear ambulance on the way to Arosa

20 May 2022

After a long journey, bears Sam and Jamila have arrived safely at Arosa Bear Sanctuary. They are leaving life at Skopje Zoo all behind them.

Sam badet zum ersten Mal

30 June 2022

Since the end of May, the gate to the outdoor enclosure has been open for Sam. Today he explored the large area for the first time and enjoyed a swim.

Bärin Jamila erkundet die Aussenanlage

8 July 2022

Bear Jamila explored the outdoor area for the first time today. Courageously, she set paw for paw in the green of Arosa's nature. 

Jamila und Sam im Arosa Bärenland

8 August 2022

Sam and Jamila met for the first time today in direct contact and can now get to know each other again. 

Jamila und Amelia

21 September 2022

Socialization! Today, the female bears Amelia and Jamila met for the first time. It seems that Jamila is the dominant animal. 

Bears at the Arosa Bear Sanctuary

5 October 2022

For the first time in the history of the Arosa Bear Sanctuary, four bears are living together in the outdoor enclosure as of today.