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adventure path

As of now, the "floating" adventure path in the Arosa Bear Sanctuary will be open daily to the public.


The "floating" adventure path with eight viewing platforms, which are connected by suspension bridges, leads from the visitors' platform at lofty heights towards the north outdoor area. There you will find the rocky part of the Arosa Bear Sanctuary complex. Visitors see the bears from a new perspective and gain an eventful insight into the northern enclosure. In addition, the animal keepers are given new possibilities for distributing food.

In the following we have listed the most important questions & answers for you:

When is the adventure path open?

The adventure path is open during the regular opening hours of the Arosa Bear Sanctuary. So visitors can expect new and impressive insights into the beautiful northern layout of the Arosa Bear Sanctuary.

In winter, the adventure path remains closed.

How long is the adventure path?

The whole adventure path is 80 meters long.

What is the highest point?

The highest point is 6 meters above the ground.

Is there a maximum number of people allowed on the adventure path?

The people who are on the platform are continuously monitored by the employees of the Arosa Bear Sanctuary. We ask visitors to follow the instructions given by the staff. Restrictions on use may be imposed for security reasons and restrictions related to Covid-19.

Is there an age limit?

There is no age limit. All people embark on the adventure path at their own risk.

Where does the wood come from that was used for the construction?

The carrier trees were all delivered from the valley "Schanfigg". Due to the rather short construction time of the adventure path, it was not possible to get all the wood from the area. The elements of the path itself were sourced from Austria.

How long is the longest tree trunk?

The longest tree trunk is 13.8 meters long.

What is the diameter of the thickest tree trunk?

The thickest tree trunk has a diameter of around 60 cm.

What security measures have been taken?

Security is a top priority. The adventure path has been officially approved and has a tested safety concept. The whole adventure path was built with 400 meters of safety wire. The bears cannot climb the adventure path.

Is the adventure path wheelchair accessible?

Yes, the adventure path is wheelchair accessible. However, space is limited and crossing with other people / wheelchairs is only possible on the viewing platforms, not on the suspension bridges.

Are dogs allowed on the adventure path?

Dogs are not allowed on the adventure path. However, dogs on a leash are welcome on the visitor platform.

The Arosa Bear Sanctuary Team looks forward to your visit to the Arosa Bear Sanctuary and the new adventure path!