Bear Napa


Napa continues on the road to recovery - again partly in the outdoor area south of Arosa Bear Sanctuary


Napa has recovered from the epileptic seizures of last week. He is eating and drinking well again, has gained weight and is running stable. That's why we let him go back to the south compound today on a trial basis. To prevent possible social stress, Amelia and Meimo are separated from Napa on the north site and because of the repeated epileptic seizures last week, we put Napa under anaesthesia on Sunday for a veterinary examination and blood sampling. Napa had a normal body temperature, his blood count showed no abnormalities and his blood values were within the normal range. No organ changes were found either. At the moment we are talking about idiopathic epilepsy, the exact cause of which remains unknown, which is often the case in humans. It cannot be ruled out that the cause is in the central nervous system and Napa is still under close veterinary care. The dosages of the medication are regularly adjusted according to the behaviour of Napa, but in the meantime Napa can still have seizures again. The aim is to find the minimum medication that will allow Napa to live as free from epileptic seizures as possible.